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May 24th, 2015
Luxury Yacht Charter Holidays in Turkey Greece Islands and Croatia. Explore the Mediterranean Aegean and Adriatic Seas and Cruise the Blue™ with YNG Yachting ®.
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Eastern Mediterranean Private Yacht Charters

Since each holiday is unique from the next, there are dozens of questions one can ask about private gulet charters. From the yacht and crew to the services; as well as activities and itineraries. The questions most commonly asked are generally about what is included in the price, the crew, the cabin and boat layout. After the booking process is over, the questions regarding the route can be discussed to plan your itinerary. If you are looking for information to better understand what options are available, the best way to find the answers is either by consulting your charter agent, or reading through the F.A.Q. and blogs available to you. However the quickest route to both the questions and answers is to contact YNG Yachting by email or phone and starting planning your dream luxury boat charters holidays in the Eastern Mediterranean.

What better way to explore the Mediterranean region than embarking on a private yacht charters Turkey. These types of luxury yacht charters feature not only the destinations traveled to, but also the quality standards of hiring a private Turkish yacht. Highlights include but certainly not limited to start with delicious dishes from the Mediterranean kitchen. Then there is of course the relaxed atmosphere and freedom of doing things as you please. The yacht is chartered to be a part of you and your guest’s week long holiday. No destination schedules. Meals are prepared when you want them to be, and all you simply do is lay back and enjoy the services, delicious dishes, amenities, activities and beautiful destinations.

Charter Boats from CROATIA

Navilux sailing yacht
Gulet Alba Croatia
gulet Rosa
sailing in Croatia on board Libra gulet
LOA 37.3M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 49,000€ /wk
LOA 30M | Cabins 5 | 10 Pax
Starting at 12,000€ /wk
LOA 23.9M | Cabins 5 | 10 Pax
Starting at 30,000€ /wk
LOA 34M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 15,000€ /wk

Charter Boats from GREECE

Valerie gulet Corfu
AURORA gulet
Elena J gulet charter in Greek Island Ionians for 12 persons
Alessandro gulet
Valerie – Corfu
LOA 25M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 8,150€ /wk
Aurora – Corfu
LOA 23M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 7,000€ /wk
Erato (ex. Elena J) – Athens
LOA 27.5M | Cabins 7 | 14-19 Pax
Starting at 25,000€ /wk
Alessandro – Corfu
LOA 40M | Cabins 5 | 10 Pax
Starting at 28,000€ /wk

Charter Boats from BODRUM, Turkey

Kaya Guneri 5 gulet
Sailing Yacht Cobra Infinity
Casa Del Arte II luxury yacht from Bodrum, Turkey
Queen of Karia gulet
Kaya Guneri V
LOA 40M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 22,750€ /wk
Cobra Infinity
LOA 43M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 70,000€ /wk
Casa Dell Arte II
LOA 35M | Cabins 5 | 10 Pax
Starting at 35,000€ /wk
Queen of Karia
LOA 35M | Cabins 5 | 10 Pax
Starting at 17,500€ /wk
Mina Motor Yacht
Gora yacht
Turkish gulet charter - Carpe Diem IV
Tatiana motor yacht
LOA 31,5M | Cabins 4 | 8 Pax
Starting at 31,500€ /wk
LOA 38,2M | Cabins 5 | 10 Pax
Starting at 38,500€ /wk
Carpe Diem 4
LOA 47M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 35,000€ /wk
LOA 33,5M | Cabins 5 | 10 Pax
Starting at 49,000€ /wk

Charter Boats from MARMARIS, Turkey

K. Mehmet Bugra gulet
Gulet holidays and the superb Kadir Kaptan
sailing gulet Berrak Su
S Dogu gulet
K. Mehmet Bugra (new build)
LOA 34M | Cabins 8 | 18 Pax (Greek Islands/Turkey)
Starting at 15,000€ /wk
Kaptan Kadir
LOA 37M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
40,000€ /wk Full board
Berrak Su
LOA 33M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 12,250€ /wk
S Dogu
LOA 32M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
(good rates)

Charter Boats from GOCEK, Turkey

Cipriana Motor Yacht
Mezcal 2 gulet
Gulmaria sailing yacht
Perla Del Mare VIP Sailing Yacht charter in Turkey 6 cabins 12 person
LOA 25M | Cabins 4 | 8 Pax
Starting at 28,000€ /wk
Mezcal 2
LOA 38M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 28,000€ /wk
LOA 36,9M | Cabins 6 | 14 Pax
Starting at 35,000€ /wk
Perla Del Mare
LOA 42,2M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 45,000€ /wk
We work directly with many yacht owners in Turkey. This allows us to offer the best possible prices to our clients without comprise. — YNG Yachting
Yacht Charters Turkey

TurkeyThe turquoise coast of Southern Turkey offers travelers a plethora of amazing sites to visit. Vibrant and exciting, Turkey is a treasure of holiday pleasures. Yacht Charters Turkey - From the classic Turkish gulets which grace the waters of the Eastern Med with style and tradition, to the sailing yachts and powerful luxury of motor yachts, there is a charter yacht for all prices. Be it the charming port of Gocek, dazzling harbor of Fethiye, the bustling waterfront of Bodrum or the colorful harbor of Marmaris; you have convenience to begin a magical journey into the deep blue waters of the sea.

Yacht Charters Croatia

CroatiaThe world renown Dalmatian coast and its hundreds of islands leaves so much for the imagination. Croatia has been the shining star in recent years in sailing vacations in the Adriatic sea. Yacht charters Croatia - Calm seas, islands so close and far from the North to the South, there are many island itinerary combinations to consider - even to Italy. With its well preseved historical sites, shades of blues in the various bays and coves, the islands of Croatia will leave you in awe as you find one especially unique from the next. Sailing yachts  are many, but more alluring are gulet charters.

Yacht Charters Greece

GreeceFive major island groups offer much to choose from in destinations in the Greek Islands. Yacht Charters Greece - embark from fascinating Athens, medieval Rhodes or exciting Kos, or the famed sunset capital of Santorini. Each island provides easy access from the airports and not too far from the habors. Whether it's a sailing holiday in the Ionians, a luxury gulet cruise in the Dodecanese or the Cyclades, a motor yacht rental from Athens; the beautiful Aegean waters are available for your luxurious enjoyment. Simply plan your dreams and leave the organization up to us.

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