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May 23rd, 2015
Luxury Yacht Charter Holidays in Turkey Greece Islands and Croatia. Explore the Mediterranean Aegean and Adriatic Seas and Cruise the Blue™ with YNG Yachting ®.
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Luxury Yacht Charters in Turkey, Mediterranean, Aegean

A splendid selection of itineraries are available from the Turkish Riviera. Starting from the Eastern Mediterranean all the way west to the Southern Aegean there is a wide choice in destinations for luxury yacht charters from Turkey travelers. The main harbors where holidaymakers are able to embark and disembark from include Gocek and Fethiye in the Mediterranean sea region.  On the Aegean sea area, Marmaris and Bodrum are the main harbors available.

A good majority of historical sites are located in the Mediterranean. Places such as the Caunos King Rock Tombs in the town of Dalyan; the underwater ancient city of Simena in Kekova, St. Nicholas Church in Demre, Patara, Letoon, Xanthos, and Lycian ruins in Telmessos (today’s Fethiye); to name a few.  Travelers can also enjoy the refreshing thermal waters and mud baths in Dalyan.  Adrenaline sports such as paragliding off Mt. Babadag at 1900 meters elevation, is also a favorite. Of course there also the most photographed white sandy beach in Turkey, Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon). It is known that even during stormy weather the sea stays calm; hence the name “dead sea”.

Turkey Yacht Charters

While travelers can enjoy pleasant Mediterranean sea sailing holidays and further west, in the Aegean sea region of Turkey; with a short distance away, can combine destinations in the nearby Greek Islands. There are numerous exciting itineraries to choose from. Custom itineraries can also be planned and organized as well. It’s all a matter of preferences and budget for Turkey yacht charters

Bodrum Cup Turkey

The city of Bodrum is home of the origin of gulet building. Located in the Western Aegean, Bodrum offers a great deal of art, culture, International cuisine, and a major hub for yacht charter Bodrum holidays in Turkey. The city is recognized in photos with the St. Peter's Castle landmark on the waterfront. Nightlife is rich and plentiful, as are quiet and serene bays. It's where the Turkish rich and famous holiday and entertain. Itineraries which serve Bodrum are the upper Dodecanese, possibly the Northern Aegean Greek Islands, also for extended trips to the Cyclades during appropriate weather. The Turkish coast from Bodrum include the breathtaking Gulf of Gokova and Marmaris. → Bodrum and Itineraries

Castle and Port of Marmaris Turkey

The exciting city of Marmaris is situated on the border where the Aegean sea meets with the Mediterranean of Turkey. There is a great deal of things to do and see in Marmaris. The harbor front includes a wide assortment of shops, bars, restaurants and night clubs. Marmaris is one of the most popular holiday hot spots for travelers. The region also benefits from 4 European class marinas and also known as gulet heaven. Itineraries are very accommodating as Marmaris serves both routes to the Eastern Med, the Aegean to the West as well as the lower Dodecanese islands of Greece. → Marmaris and Itineraries

Fethiye harbour

One of major tourism cities in the Mediterranean of Turkey, Fethiye is a key harbor for travelers embarking on blue cruise private charter holidays. The harbor front is lined each year with an array of beautiful Turkish gulets and parallel to many restaurants and bars along its long and newly constructed promenade. Itineraries comprise of the Eastern Mediterranean, border of the Aegean to the West as well as Rhodes, Greece. → Fethiye and Itineraries

Gocek harbour

Benefiting from a mere 20 minute drive from the Dalaman airport you will find the charming town of Gocek. Although small, the town boasts 4 major European class marinas and one of the most popular harbors in Southern Turkey to embark in a yacht charter Gocek holiday. Itineraries generally include the Eastern Mediterranean region, Marmaris to the West of the border of the Aegean sea, and/or Rhodes, Greece. → Gocek and Itineraries

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